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Mist Cooling Fan Hire

High Pressure Mist Cooling Fans For Hire from The Watershed Perth WA

Our Powerful Mist Cooling Fans are a fogging system where a high pressure pump forces water through a minute orifice and produces millions of microscopic sized water droplets as small as 5 micron diameter creates an effect known as ‘flash evaporation’, a process which takes heat from the air and can reduce the temperature of surrounding air by as much as 20 degrees C depending on climatic conditions. Pump pressures are as high as to 800psi (5500 kPa) – about 12 times average ‘mains’ water pressure.

How the cooling works using a process known as ‘Flash evaporation” What is it?

When ‘Flash evaporation’ occurs microscopic water droplets absorb the heat present in the environment & evaporate, becoming water vapor (gas).
During this process the energy used to convert the water to a vapor is eliminated from the environment, this process cools the air.

High pressure Mist Cooling is one of the most effective, and efficient, methods available for cooling outdoor areas.

Mist cooling Fan Hire Perth WA

Misting systems are a very popular and successful method for cooling hotel resort outside areas, restaurant and bar outdoor seating areas, and patios, as well as event cooling and sports venues.
They   are also used in a multitude of harsh industrial, construction, manufacturing and agricultural industries for climate control, humidification and dust suppression.

Mist cooling works by forcing water through specially designed misting nozzles to create a fog of ultra fine water droplets. The higher the pressure the smaller the droplets and the faster the evaporation. A High-Pressure Misting System that produces 800 psi (5500 kPa) utilises a process called ‘flash evaporation’, which occurs when the high-pressure misting is forced out through nozzles with very small orifices, around the size of hair on your head. It creates a very fine mist that results in a significant drop in temperature without you getting wet.

High pressure misting is a very effective & efficient way to cool down large areas even in high humidity climates. With a high pressure cooling systems you can provide cooling comfort to your guest and patrons. Don’t let the heat be the reason you turn away or lose customers. Provide a cool and welcoming environment.

Talk to our friendly team about hiring a high pressure mist cooling fans. Remember to book for your next event, party or BBQ well in advance as available booking dates fill up fast during spring and summer.
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