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Agricultural Watering Systems

Agricultural Watering Systems

Agricultural Watering Systems

Water use efficiency of irrigation systems is critical, not only to minimize wasteful use of water, it has significant bearing on productivity and financial viability of agricultural enterprises.

Poor water distribution can result in differential ripening, loss of plant vigour, plant disease and consequential financial losses.

The latest irrigation technology, including pressure compensated drip irrigation, automatic back flushing filtration systems, fertigation systems, variable speed pumps and climate based irrigation control systems not only offer us the means to apply precise application of water and fertiliser where and when needed.
Whether you have a small project, a few rows of vines, or something on a much larger scale, we would be interested in talking to you about your irrigation needs.

Agricultural Watering Systems –  For More Information

Contact Tony our Commercial Manager by phone on Tel: 9274 3131 Monday to Friday during office hours, or send us an email should you wish to inquire as to how we can help you with your project.


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