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Pop-up-sprinkler-QWatering your Garden efficiently and saving water at the same time

We are a founder member of WA’s Waterwise Garden Irrigation Program, and former winner of the WA state government’s Waterwise Garden Irrigation Award. We install our systems to a higher standard than is demanded by the rigorous specifications and requirements of this program.

Today’s irrigation technology offers us the means to apply the right amount of water where and when it is needed. Technology such as sub-surface drip irrigation, rotary nozzle spray systems and climate sensing control systems, enable us to maximize the water-use efficiency potential of our systems.
We owe it to future generations to use this resource wisely– no longer should garden watering systems be a ‘bit of poly pipe’ and a ‘few pop-up sprinklers’ from the local ‘hardware’!

We offer a free design and quotation service for both Do-it-Yourself or Professionally-Installed garden watering systems anywhere in WA.

Without any experience almost anyone can install their own Waterwise Irrigation system with a quality design and helpful advice from any of our 6 stores around Perth. If you don’t have the energy or time to do it yourself give us a call for a no-obligation free design and quote on a professionally installed system.


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