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Whether it be for household water supply or a large pump station to service an The Watershed Water Systems Reliable Pumps and Bores

ore-processing facility on a mine-site, pump selection is critical to minimise operation costs in energy and maintenance as well as to optimize the water-use efficiency of any system. We work closely with the worlds’ major pump equipment manufacturers to provide the best-value solution to any pumping need.

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Pumps for Garden Bores


Sensible use of groundwater often offers a cost-efficient and environmentally desirable water source. Hydrogeolgists guide us to as to where this is an appropriate option. Why use processed, chlorinated, fluoridated mains water to irrigate your garden where a garden bore might provide a cost-effective alternative? Talk to us about your water requirements and we can advise on the prospects and options for a bore and groundwater solution to your needs.

For Home and Gardens

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