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Helpful videos about Installing irrigation and recently advertised products.

Installing Drip Tube Underground Or Under Mulch

Professional Landline Drip tube systems are a great option to save water, It’s very easy to install and means water is delivered directly to the root system exactly where it’s needed.
Installing underground  or under the top mulch with drip tube means saving precious water, avoiding water evaporation, and over spray caused by wind as well as elimination the potential for water run off before it’s had a chance to soak in, usually caused by either sloped or silicone soil during the hotter season.

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The X-CORE residential controller offers simple operation with “smart” Solar Sync compatibility. With easy-to-configure control for 6 stations. Plug in the revolutionary Solar Sync ET sensor and the X-Core is converted into a “smart controller,” that regulates irrigation run times based on locally measured weather operated by your mobile phone. Solar Sync Sold Separately.

See how the Solar Sync works with your X-CORE Controller.

Hunter X-CORE Controller Features

Galcon 9001 Now with Bluetooth

Let’s take a look at why the RainBird HV100 Solenoid Valve is better value

Hunter Pop up Sprinklers (Gear Drives)

Installing Netafim Anti Siphon Tech line drip irrigation.

In conjunction with high pressure droppers.
Drip Irrigation systems are efficient, water saving and very easy to install.

Installing a Galcon 9001 Reliable Tap Timer style Controller Operates on 1 x 9v battery

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