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Can I water my New Lawn and Garden during a sprinkler ban period?

If you are establishing a new lawn or garden, you may apply for a temporary exemption from the sprinkler roster that applies to your area.
New lawn can refer to roll-on lawn, runners, shredded lawn and/or seed. If you are granted an exemption between the dates of 1 October to 31 March, you will be allowed to water your new lawn/garden three times a day for up to 42 days from the day of planting. A 35 day exemption applies for applications exemptions granted between 1 April to 30 September.

How to apply

Call The Water Corporation on Tel: 13 10 39 on the day you plant the new lawn or garden. If approved the exemption will be activated immediately and a letter confirming the conditions and exemptions end date will be sent out to you. Sprinklers cannot be used outside of your rostered days and times until an exemption is activated. You can also apply at the Water corporation online.


The Water Corporation says they appreciate that there are sometimes special circumstances where you need to water. For example, if you are establishing a new lawn or garden you may apply for an exemption in order for it to become fully established. In such circumstances, households and businesses can apply for a watering exemption.

Young Families with new homes & gardens may be interested to know…

What is the difference between water restrictions and permanent water efficiency measures?

Water restrictions are short term measures imposed in times of drought or emergency to reduce demand and conserve water supply for essential needs. Water restrictions target non-essential uses such as garden irrigation.

Permanent water efficiency measures (PWEMs) are sprinkler watering rosters that are ongoing, rather than being short-term. These measures were introduced in Western Australia in October 2007 when certain water restrictions were made permanent across the State.




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