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The Watershed has been servicing Perth Since 1989

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B Hyve Smart Wi Fi

6 Station Irrigation Controller for outdoor use

Adjustable Spray for Pots

Gentle 4 spray watering pattern. Perfect for all potted plants


Eliminates watering by hand

Hunter X-Core 4 Station irrigation controller

Super easy to program. Perfect for residential garden irrigation

RAIN BIRD HV100 Solenoid Valve 25mm

Very reliable for residential irrigation systems

SAVE OVER $10.00

PondMAX Garden Light with Transformer

Shed light on garden features and greenery

SAVE OVER $30.00

HYJET Stainless Steel Pressure Pump

Very popular pump for smaller residential homes GREAT VALUE PUMP

GALCON 9001 BT Tap Timer

Very popular and easy to use

SAVE $30.00

TORO Mini 8 15mm Gear Drive Pop Up Sprinkler

Waters areas up to a 10m radius


Super Easy to Program

Irritrol-Rain-Dial-6-Station-Outdoor Irrigation Controller-RD6A

  • Station run times: 1-59 minutes in 1-minute increments
  • Start times: 3 per program per day for 9 starts total
  • Easy to set Watering schedules for any days of the week
  • Skip days from 1 to 31 days between Watering days
  • Odd or even date watering

Premium Professional Quality Pond, Garden & Deck Light

316 Grade Stainless Steel with 3 LED replaceable globes
Includes FREE Decking plate with each Garden Light at no additional cost,
(transformer not included).

Orbit Heavy Duty Hose Gun-Pistol

Model 94632

  • 9 Different watering spray patters for all uses.
  • Includes brass connector
  • Features Front Trigger with easy 1 Click ON and OFF buttons
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use
  • Orbit 6 year manufacturers warranty.
  • Robust and Designed to Last

More Great Brands
To Help Nurture The Garden

Rainbird Battery Operated Digital Tap Timer

  • Easy to read extra large screen
  • Quick and simple settings dial
  • Large Digital display
  • Set Days of the week and times easily
  • Set watering ON Now with 1 press button
  • Cancel watering with 1 press button

Popular Model for use where there’s no AC power source

Irritrol Junior DC 1 station solenoid valve controller

  • Battery operated with Low battery indicator
  • Simple to operate & program 1 Station Controller
  • Watering Days schedule interval from 1-14 days
  • 7 days “select days” or “skip days”
  • Rain off function
  • Waterproof cabinet

On Sale in Stores Now Whilst Stock Lasts

Our team of professionally trained consultant
take pride in providing you with an
extensive range of reliable quality products


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With our extensive range of user friendly products we’re well equipped for the needs of every project.

Large or small we have solutions for them all, residential, domestic, commercial, agricultural, and industrial projects.



With hundreds of ponds, fountains and waterfalls being built in Perth gardens, its easy to understand the attraction. Water gardens are aesthetic, attract birds and add value offering peace and tranquility to your environment.

The Watershed Pumps


The Watershed has an extensive range of pumps for ponds, pools, water transfer, drainage, fire protection and irrigation The Watershed range of pumps are robust, reliable & built for Australian conditions.

The Watershed Garden Irrigation

Garden Irrigation

Today’s irrigation technology offers us the means to apply the right amount of water where and when it is needed. Technology enable us to maximize water-use efficiency of your system.

The Watershed Bores


Why use processed, chlorinated, fluoridated mains water to irrigate your garden where a garden bore might provide a cost-effective alternative.

The Watershed Local Government Contracts

Local Government

From Shire reserves to mine-site dust suppression systems, we have the design and installation expertise for any project from concept to completion.

Service & Repairs

Irrigation Watering Systems Perth All Suburbs Service and Repairs. The Watershed Water systems is a leading provider for irrigation service and repair work in Perth since 1989

The Watershed Hydroponics


Hydroponics is a growing system that offers significant growth response using a minimal amount of water

The Watershed Water Filtration

Water Filtration

The end result of effective water treatment is desirable water fit for its intended use. The Watershed has solutions to filter out undesirables giving you healthy better tasting water your whole family can enjoy.

Garden Lighting

Garden lights are Ideal for use in all Water Garden designs, Ponds, Waterfalls, Fountains, Aquariums and Water features. Our pond light range is perfectly sealed and waterproof.

The-Watershed-Commercial irrigation


Water use efficiency and long term durability with minimal service requirement under pin the design principles and technical specification of any project we’re involved in.


Efficiency of irrigation systems is critical, not only to minimize wasteful use of water, it has significant bearing on productivity and financial viability of agricultural enterprises.

The Watershed Industrial


Pump selection, control systems and hydraulic design are critical to the long-term efficiency of any system. A wise dollar spent here can save many long term.

On Sale in Stores Now Whilst Stock Lasts


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