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Grow Vegetables and Herbs out of season easily with Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a growing system that offers significant growth response using a minimal amount of water.

The system lends itself well to hobby systems in small areas. It enables systems to be placed at waist level, making it a desirable growing system for older people, who might otherwise have difficulty gardening.
Indoor growing with specialised grow lamps, enables plant production out of season.

Soil-less growing systems do not have to be overly technical. We sell basic kits for the beginner, as well as a large range of nutrients, nutrient additives, growing media, grow lights and nutrient management tools for the more serious and commercial growers.

Aquaponics that combines soil-less growing technology (hydroponics) with aquaculture (fish farming) is a system growing in popularity, it utilises nutrient created by fish (or other aquatic species) to grow food, thereby ‘stripping’ nutrient from the water to retain a healthy growing environment for the fish.

For information on a system to suit your needs please contact us for advice. 


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