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Kelmscott-Primary-schoolBush fire Protection is essential living in rural, semi rural areas, Perth Hills and Foothills.

The attractiveness of Perth’s hills areas lies in their largely unspoiled beauty with homes nestled among the trees and natural flora and fauna.

A warming and drying climate is ever-increasing the risk of bush fire in such areas. The ‘evacuate early’ or ‘prepare and defend’ policies espoused by fire emergency authorities across Australia are the appropriate options where bush fire threatens.

Tragic events in Victoria, however, showed that there were many for whom the first option was removed; fire was upon many before they saw the danger. Evacuation at the last minute is fraught with danger but, for many, was seen as the only option given that they had no means to fight the fire to preserve their lives or their property.

ember-protection A bush fire protection system can offer a significant level of protection to your home whether you choose to stay and defend or not. We only recommend, design and install systems that have an independent water supply (swimming pool or tank) and a self-powered pump system (normally petrol or diesel).

Complete systems commonly include above-roof sprinklers to wet down roofs, valley and gutters as well as a significant peripheral area around the house. Another separately controllable system lays down a fine curtain of spray to protect (especially in glazed areas) against radiant heat and to extinguish any burning debris under eaves and verandahs. A fire hose with an adjustable spray and fan nozzle to wet down other areas and to extinguish spot fires is always recommended.

See our range of Petrol and Diesel High Pressure engine driven pumps.

For more information regarding protection for your property have a chat with one of our experienced consultants at our Midland Head Office on Tel: 9274 32 32, or send us an enquiry by email


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