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Garden Sprinkler Run Times

Western Australia experiences long hot dry summers. Depending on your garden style and design, recommended run times for sprinklers may not be suitable for all garden types.
As a guide the chart below will help establishing a good balance for your individual garden. It’s important to note if your water is soaking in properly, by scraping a thin layer soil after watering for about 5 minutes to see if there is any dry silicone sandy soil below the freshly wet ground, if the soil is not wet after scraping off a little to check, you will be wise to apply generous amounts of a soil wetting product, (use as directed on the product pack) you may need several applications to guarantee water is soaking in as it should, and your plants are getting adequate water. Water run of and evaporation from water sitting in puddles above ground level is wasting valuable water instead of water being delivered where needed to the roots of your lawn and plants.

Garden Sprinkler Run Times

Recommended Watering Run Time for Sprinklers as a General Guide

Watering Run Time for Sprinklers


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