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With literally thousands of water gardens & backyard ponds being built in Perth and around the country every month its easy to understand the attraction, its not only the aesthetic value but also the feeling of peace and tranquility that gently running water can add to any home environment.

If you don’t already have a pond see our pond guide tips below (How to build a garden pond)

A few items you need to build a pond these include:

  • pond liner or ready made pre formed pond both available from any one of our Watershed Stores
  • pond pump – Talk to one of our consultants who will help advise you with the correct choice of pump for the pond.
    You may like to include a fountain or water fall in your ideal design.
  • rocks or paving stones for landscaping (usually available from Garden Centres and landscaping suppliers)
  • Surrounding plants – water plants (usually available from Garden Centres)
  • lining material or sand for under pond liner (usually available from Garden Centres and landscaping suppliers)

Pre formed ready made pond
If you are starting with a pre formed ready made pond, you will just need the hole, suitable pump and landscaping items for decoration.
Please contact us for pre formed ready made ponds to find one suitable for your needs. Our friendly team are always keen to help you.

How to build a garden pond

Building a pond Step by Step Guide.

  1. Mark out your proposed backyard pond outline with a string line. Its best to have an outline of what the completed project will look like before you start.
  2. Level the area outside the string line for 2ft or about 60cm or more. The edge of the pond needs to be level to make digging easier and more efficient.
  3. Commence digging the pond. As a minimum ponds need to be at least 60cm or 2ft deep so that the water remains cool enough for fish and water plants.
  4. A cool pond also helps prevent Blanket and other types of weed, so a little deeper is better if possible.
  5. Consider plant a platform shelf around the edge as you dig for pots containing water plants.
  6. Remove any rocks or tree roots from the completed hole.
  7. Line the hole with washed packing sand or or other soft material so that the pond liner will not suffer any damage.
  8. Install the pond liner ensuring that it reaches up and importantly over the edge of the pond.
  9. Put in place your pond pump following directions from manufacturer.
  10. Start filling the pond with water, slowly at first ensuring that the liner is flat and is not pulled back into the pond.
  11. Some small creases will start to become obvious as it fills, this is acceptable depending on the shape you have designed for the pond.
  12. Creases and folds are usually best tidied up as you slowly fill the pond, “Yes this means getting in”
  13. Take your footwear off so you can feel your way around properly, and don’t forget it may be slippery, so remove your mobile phone and watch! just in case you end up on your bottom.
  14. Place edging materials (rocks or paving) and plants around your pond and complete any decorative landscaping.
  15. Install water plants on plant shelves. Turn on the pump sit back and admire your new pond.
  16. We recommend running the pond pump for 3-4 days before introducing fish.
  17. Our Local water supply in Australia is treated with chemicals. You MUST add water treatments to the water to neutralise chemicals BEFORE you can safely add fish.
  18. When adding water treatments, please follow the directions precisely on the packaging label of the water treatment product. Water Treatments are available from our Stores
  19. Running the pump for 3-4 days as suggested gives the water a chance to stabilize in temperature another important reason to consider before adding fish.
  20. Sit back relax and enjoy!



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