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Water Corporation Rebate eligibility for Irrigation Controllers

Purchase one of the following brands and models to be eligible for this rebate:

Hunter Hydrawise
Hunter Solar Sync
Orbit B-Hyve
Rain Bird LNK
Rain Bird RC

This rebate is a limited offer and is only available for purchases made between 1 September 2023 and 31 May 2024.

Rebate allocations may be exhausted before the closing date of 31 May 2024. We will advise on our website when allocations are running low. You are not eligible to apply if you have previously claimed this rebate.

To be eligible for this rebate, you will need to:

Have a property located in the Perth/Peel area
Have a Water Corporation account
Buy an eligible weather-based product during the offer dates:
From a Waterwise Irrigation Design Shop or Garden Irrigator, and
Have this set up by a Waterwise Garden Irrigator
Eligible irrigation controllers

Check the Water corporation terms and conditions on their website for further product details.

How to apply

Please have the following ready before you apply:
Your receipts, showing the purchase of an eligible weather based irrigation controller product, and its set-up at the property by a Waterwise Garden Irrigator
Your Programming Service Checklist completed by a Waterwise Garden Irrigator showing that weather-based functionality has been programmed on your controller (this will be provided to you by your Waterwise Garden Irrigator)

You will need scans or photos of the receipts and checklist to submit with your rebate claim.

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