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Hunter X2 8 Station irrigation controller Includes Wi-Fi WAND



The X2™ with WAND is available in either 4, 6, 8, 14 Stations

Connected: Bluetooth® pairing makes connecting to Wi-Fi faster and easier
Adaptable: Use your smartphone as a manual remote when Wi-Fi is unavailable or the controller is hard to access
Efficient: Hydrawise® Software scheduling to any X2 Controller for full schedule setup in seconds with Rapid Programming™ Technology
Type: Fixed
Stations: 4, 6, 8, or 14 (fixed models)

Quick Facts

  • Wi-Fi controller managed by Hydrawise® software
  • Backlit display for optimal visibility
  • 3 programs, 4 start times, up to 6-hour run times
  • QuickCheck™ for simple diagnostics
  • Hide Programs option for simplification
  • Suspend irrigation up to 99 days
  • Short-circuit protection with no system damage
  • Easy Retrieve® memory for backup
  • Delay Between Stations for valve or pump recharge
  • Cycle and Soak for water conservation
  • Seasonal adjustment for quicker changes
  • Simple Wi-Fi plug-in for remote management
  • WAND Technology for online management and alerts
  • Standard programming: 3 programs, 6 start times, 24-hour max run times
  • Rapid Programming™ Technology for quick setup
  • Predictive Watering™ Technology for water savings
  • Compatibility with Amazon Alexa™, Control4®, and HomeSeer
  • Bluetooth or WPS setup for wireless connection


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