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Davey Pressure Pump HP45-0.55KW $899 with Torrium® constant flow


Davey Pressure Pump HP45-05 with Torrium® constant flow control

The Davey Pressure Pump HP45-05 is a robust & compact, multi stage centrifugal pumps with Torrium® constant flow control and loss of prime device for automatic water pressure.
Designed for medium to large size, single story homes.

Ideal for pumping clean, non-volatile liquids without fibres or solids in such applications as :

  • Household water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Water transfer
  • Washing system
  • Pressure boosting


The combination of the high pressures supplied by the multistage HP pump and constant flow control provided by the Torrium® enables consumers to enjoy the benefits of a strong comfortable shower from a pump that does not cycle plus the reliability of adaptive technology.

The complete HP Pressure System is compact and quiet providing for: Easy installation, especially where space is at a premium Non-intrusive operation, for consumer enjoyment conditions. All parts of the entire system that are in contact with the water are manufactured from safe, corrosion resistant materials for:

Consumer confidence that their water supply will be as good coming out as it was going into the system.
Ability to use the HP pressure system on a variety of water qualities Multistage, closed vane impellers with full length D drives, provide :-

  • Superior reliability when pumping corrosive water
  • Easy assembly and servicing

Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel pump shaft and casing for long service life. Patented floating impeller neck rings provide :-

  • High efficiency
  • Quieter pump operation

Compliance with the strict requirements of ISO 9001.2000 quality standards ensures consistency of quality of the system.


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