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  • Galcon Tap Timer
  • Asta dripper stakes
  • Netafim Anti-Siphon Techline
  • 4 Station outdoor controller

If your reticulation systems are more than 5 years old, here are some innovative water efficient ideas for your home.

A four station lockable outdoor controller will help you water parts of your garden which can be programmed.

Use a system that has a rechargeable battery in case your power goes out. Underground irrigation is a smart idea for turf, as there is no pop up sprinklers to chew up with your lawn mower. You can use Netafim Anti-Siphon Techline which pushes water out of hi tech emitters. It is very likely that root intrusion would be a problem, where pipe is buried below ground (as opposed to below mulch).

Netafim Techfilter (which introduces a continuous but low dose of a root intrusion inhibitor called Treflan to prevent this.

The end of the collector line has an automatic line-flushing valve, which flushes a couple of litres of water from the line each time it is pressurized. This flushes out any sediment or particulate material that might, otherwise clog emitters.

For Garden beds and Shrub planted areas and the veggie and herb gardens can be set up with Landline pipe, which can easily be pulled from the bed to allow cultivation between crops. All areas of drip have a vacuum release valve to let air into the system on shutdown rather than have it sucked in to the drippers, this way dirt won’t clog the drippers. Shrub areas are watered with ‘Landline’.

A few larger shrubs are to have supplementary watering with 8 litre/hour Asta dripper stakes. Because these are on stakes they tend to stay where they’re put and, being above ground, you can actually see that they are working. All your reticulation needs are available from any one of The 6 Watershed Irrigation Stores – Find your closest Store

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