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To build a similar Running Creek in your own garden you will need:

Build a Garden Creek in a weekend

  • 1 x 2 metre wide by 4 metre long Pond Liner
  • 6 x 10 kg bags of river pebbles. Available from a variety of Garden Centres or landscape suppliers.
  • 30 pieces of moss rock or similar of various sizes. Available from landscape suppliers.
  • 1 x Pond Pump, Check these out
  • 4.5m to 5m ribbed tubing
  • Your choice of decorative plants
  • And a Shovel

Build a Garden Creek in a weekend

All Products to build your Garden ruining creek are available from any of The Watershed’s 6 convenient store locations, Smooth river pebbles are usually available from larger garden centres, where you will also find lots of suitable plants to decorate your creek with. If you are well prepared with everything you need in advance you can easily Build a Garden Creek in a weekend.

How this little creek was made

The shallowest end where water enters, starts at 1/4 an inch deep to make sure pebbles are exposed above water, gradually sloping to to 6 inches in the middle ( half way point) and gradually increasing the depth to 10 inches deep, just enough to properly cover the pond pump with water at the deepest end. It is important to make sure the pump is well covered so it does not suck in air.

The majority of the creek is is very shallow for the purpose of clearly seeing the river pebbles and hearing the gentle trickling sounds as the water trickles in some places and rushes in others over the pebbles and past the rocks. Petrified pieces of tree branch and natural looking pieces of wood as well as a few suitable shaped rocks were used to cover the ribbed tubing that will run from the pump under the water and in some places above water along the inside of your creek bed wall edge to hide it from view.

The Little Bridge!

We recycled small pieces of treated 1/2 pine poles that had been cut specifically for garden bed edging  that is no longer in-use.
For the bridge support we used 3 full rounded treated pine poles. one on each side and one for the center. The half pine pole pieces were screwed to the outside and center pole with galvanized timber screws. Please Note: This creek was made for the sound of running water, as a decorative water feature with no intention to put fish in it. The dimensions and depth of water is not suitable for fish. The water is not deep enough to maintain a cool stable temperature for fish. Do not put Fish in water that has any contact with or is near treated pine, the arsenic in the Pine will permeate the water and kill fish.

A creek this size can be built in a weekend, you could be relaxing with a beer next to it by Sunday afternoon! A great idea for the whole family to enjoy.

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