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Netafim Landline Miniscape 15cm space 50m Roll



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Netafim Landline Miniscape 6mm diameter internal 8mm external

Miniscape 6mm Dripline

Heavy Wall non pressure compensation 8mm Brown Dripline


  • Domestic landscapes, small garden areas
  • raised garden beds
  • planter boxes
  • and potted plants
  • Features and Benefits
  • Patented TurboNet TM Dripper Technology
  • Large centrally located dripper inlet filter
  • UV resistant brown dripline
  • Flexible – East to use in difficult areas
  • High Water efficiency
  • Approved by Smart Watermark TM



  • Non pressure compensated (Non PC) dripperline
  • 2.0 l/h Drip Discharge Rate (at 100kPa)
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh (130 micron)
  • Coil Length: 50m, 100m, 200m

Technical Data

Landline 8 1.9 L/hr Maximum run length (m) at 100 kPa on flat ground (based on 5% flow variation)

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