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Rainbird ESP 4 Station Modular Controller

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Rainbird ESP 4 Station Modular Controller

Rainbird ESP Modular Series is a 4 station Outdoor Controller for Residential and Light Commercial Use

Comes standard as a 4 Station Modular Controller.  Expandable to 7, 10 or 13 station. (3 Station Expansion Modules sold separately)

Modularity – Start with the 4-station base controller and easily expand to 13 stations. Minimize inventory and always have the right station count on hand
Quality – Built-in reliability; designed with durable parts, superior surge protection and high temperature tolerance
Easy-to-use ESP-style programming – Simple to set up, time tested and homeowner approved; you’ll be on to the next job faster than ever


  •  Contractor Default™ Program allows the contractor to save their default program and retrieve it with the push of a button.
  • Easily reload a schedule that has been altered by a homeowner or replace a temporary schedule for new seed or sod
  • Auxiliary Station™ (Station 13) can be set to bypass an active sensor to allow watering even if the other stations are disabled or can be set as a normal station.
  • Ideal for covered patio watering or non-irrigation systems such as landscape lighting or fountains
  • Programmable day off allows the user to set any day of the week as a non-watering day in any program or schedule, making it easy to comply with requirements such as weekly lawn care, maintenance or watering restrictions
  • Global seasonal adjust (0-200%) allows the user to alter the run-time of all the valves in every program to meet changing seasonal needs
  • Dedicated sensor terminals allow the user to easily connect a sensor to the controller for maximum water efficiency.
  • A light (LED) and a message on the LCD indicates when a sensor is active
  • Sensor bypass switch allows the user to override an active sensor
  • Master valve/pump start circuit programmable by station allows operation of connected pump as needed
  • Programmable delay between station allows additional time between zones for water well recovery or slow closing valves

Operating Specifications

  • Number of Programs: 3 Independent
  • Automatic Starts: 4 per program. 12 total
  • Station timing: 0 to 6 hours for all stations
  • Independent programming schedules:
  • Custom (water by day of the week)
  • Odd (water on odd days of the month except on the 31st and
  • February 29th if a leap year)
  • Even (water on even days of the month)
  • Cyclical (1-31 days: water from every other day to once every 31 days)

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