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Toro 570Z 4P Pop Up Sprinkler Spray Body

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Toro 570Z 4P Pop Up Sprinkler Spray Body – Pops Up 4 Inches (10.2cm) above ground

Toro 570Z Series Pop Up Sprinklers

Toro 570 sprinklers are ideal for all lawn and garden applications and include fixed arcs, pressure compensating options, specialty patterns, stream sprays, bubblers,flat sprays, micro-sprays and variable arc nozzles. Seven distinct pop-up sprinkler bodies and over 120 interchangeable nozzles provide unlimited design flexibility.

Key Features

  • Zero flush seal prevents flushing on pop-up, enabling more heads to be placed on same zone
  • Low-pressure sealing at 100 kPa
  • Retraction flushing clears debris for reliable pop-down
  • Accepts all Toro spray nozzles – including 570 MPR Plus fixed, Toro Variable Arc, bubbler, low angle and new Precision series nozzles
  • All bodies shipped with a flush plug in place for ease of flushing and riser pull up
  • Ratcheting riser permits easy arc adjustment in the field

Additional Features

  • Small, 50mm diameter black cap is less visible, reducing damage from exposure or vandals
  • Accepts Maxijet® micro-spray nozzles for low-application-rates
  • Check valve models (optional) with heavy-duty retraction spring prevent low-head drainage and keep laterals charged with water
  • Side-inlet models available on both 150mm and 300mm sprinkler bodies for sandy soils or applications prone to high pressure surges and spikes
  • Durable engineering plastic construction
  • Stainless-steel retraction spring

 Body diameter:

35mm on shrub, 2P, 3P, 4P, 6P and 6P-SI bodies
41mm on 12P bodies
44mm on 12P-SI bodies
Cap diameter: 50mm

Side inlet: 120mm from top of sprinkler to center of side inlet

Body height:

2P – 103mm
3P – 122mm
4P – 158mm
6P – 211mm
12P – 395mm

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