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Sprinkler Repair Armadale Mt Nasura Seville Grove

Have Council Contractors Completed Winter Green Waste Pick up from suburban verges.

Green Waste Pick up Services cause the need for Sprinkler Repair in Armadale Mt Nasura Seville Grove & Kelmscott
It’s a wonderful and timely service, however accidental sprinkler damage is easily done, irrigation damage is very common when it comes to heavy bobcats (small hydraulic earth moving machines) used to move, dig out, scoop up, earth, gravel, lift heavy objects also do tasks like collect seasonal green waste from residential front verges on a contract basis around the Perth WA metro area, on the behalf of Local Government. Most of us are at work during the day when the Green Waste pick up occurs, we return home to find the big pile of green waste has been taken out.

What else has been taken out at the same time? The odd sprinkler perhaps?

The most common way damage happens is from the weight of these heavy machines as they compact the turf and soil surrounding sprinklers and  pipes underground, leaving pop ups more exposed to being run over, snapped off or simply crushed. Other common causes, is perhaps careless or inexperienced contracted operators usually in hurry and paying more attention to saving time when they scoop up green waste than care to avoid scuffing or crushing your sprinklers. Concrete or hard Nylon surrounds won’t help protect your sprinklers in this situation, Sure they will be protected from cars and light weight commercial vehicles, like vans and Utes, however they won’t protect sprinklers from these heavy machines. The concrete surrounds are highly likely to be crushed by the weight of a bobcat.

If you’re Shire or Local Council Green waste seasonal collection has recently serviced your area, you will need to promptly check your lawn edges near the road and close to the end of your driveway.

Testing Irrigation Systems for Damage

Test your irrigation system by turning it on momentarily and leave it running while visually check all are running with no obvious leaks, It’s important to leave it running for a few minutes, to allowing time for air to be blown out and pressure to build up, this is when you will be able to see any puddles collecting around the bottom of your pop up sprinklers.

Obviously if you see puddles or water fountains blowing up into the air, you have a problem underground that needs to be repaired promptly to avoid further damage to your system from unwanted particles and debris getting into your system that will most definitely damage your nozzles or render them in operable.

The best time is straight away, don’t leave it until spring or summer, if you are not aware, all service departments are usually fully booked well in advance of spring. The shortest waiting period for irrigation repairs once the warm rain-less days and heat sets in can be critical to the survival of your precious plants and garden that have been thriving thus far. When debris enters your system it becomes harder and more expensive to resolve with the possibility of having to replace more sprinklers than just the original damaged sprinkler when the damage occurred.

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